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Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Place Finish for Luke & Margie

Hooray for Luke and Margie! The deaf son/hearing mother team on the Amazing Race arrived at the Pit Stop first. I was thrilled to see host Phil Keoghan sign "You are team number 1" to Luke!

On tonight's premiere episode teams left Southern California for Switzerland. Along the way one team member was required to make a leap off a dam at the second highest bungee jump in the world. Scary! Luke took that one for his team and did great. Actually it may have been more frightening for his mother to watch him jump.

Arriving in Interlaken, Switzerland teams had to climb a steep hill slippery with mud. At the top were wheels of cheese weighing 50 pounds each that had to be transported back down the hill. For this Roadblock task, each team had to bring 4 wheels (200 pounds total) of cheese down the hill. This task offered some amusement as the flimsy wooden contraptions provided for carrying the cheese quickly snapped into pieces. Runaway cheese wheels rolled down the hill to the laughter of locals. An older racer hit on a solution by sliding down the hill on his butt grasping his cheese tightly. Another team coming from behind thought the task out and used the wooden materials to carry three wheels at a time by the stronger team member with the remaining cheese wheel scootched down the hill by the weaker member. Most teams required two trips up and down the hill to complete the Roadblock.

The racers' final challenge was to locate the Pit Stop by listening for a group of yodelers. Wait. That's not fair to Luke, I thought aloud. My husband said it was fair because his mother was able to hear. It didn't matter in the end because they came in first. I had tears in my eyes seeing the pride Margie and Luke had in their achievement. When Luke told Phil (through his mom) that he came on the race to show that deaf people can do anything, I saw one of the racers from another team wipe his eyes.

I hope this show will open America's eyes to the potential in deaf people. Go Luke and Margie! I'm rooting for you!!!


Deb Ann said...

Yay! I missed the most of it. I thought it was going to start at 8, but my husband and I only watched last 10 minutes of the show. I'll make sure we watch a whole thing next Sunday!
Thank you for explaining everything going on in the show.

jelly said...

My wife reminded me it was on...and I'm so glad I tuned in. It is inspiring to watch Luke and his mom, who seem to have an awesome bond and great communication together.

The thing with the cheese was cracking me up...because I was picturing myself doing it and my cheese just rolling away from me! lol

It looks like a good season so far.


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann & Kym,
Glad you both caught some of the show. The cheese part was hilarious. Next week looks funny too from the preview showing Luke and Margie getting a cream pie in the face. The two of them have a beautiful bond. I noticed one of the other racers commented on their ability to communicate with each other. Hopefully next week we'll see some interaction between Luke and his competitors.

jelly said...

I'm telling you, that cheese part had me cracking up out loud!!

A pie in the face...that ought to be good!! lol

How about that bungee jump? Between you and your husband who would've jumped?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hard to say. I'm scared of heights so it would be extremely difficult for me [especially the wait at the top]. But at the same time what a great opportunity to conquer that fear! I don't think my husband's too fond of jumping from high places either. Best scenario for the two of us would be to jump off at the same time holding hands until the last possible moment. Then everyone better cover their ears because I would be screaming my lungs out!