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Friday, September 17, 2010

I Need My New Glasses!

How I Feel About Having to Wear My Old Glasses Again

In June, I posted about how I lost my glasses. To this day, they still haven't turned up. In August, I posted about how I got a new pair of glasses. Well, not long afterwards, I opened my case one morning to find the frame broken. Argh. All I could figure out was that the hard shell case must have been just a bit too small for this pair and over time the pressure on the frames snapped them. Sigh. I took them back to the optical shop for a replacement. The optician thought perhaps it was due to a weak frame rather than the case, but she promised to give me a bigger one next time.

On Friday September 3 I got the call that my glasses were in and ready for pickup. I was elated. It would be tight for me to get there before the optician left for the day but I managed to arrive 5 minutes before she left. I immediately put my new glasses on and put my old pair in the new, larger case I was given. Right away I noticed a difference in my vision but figured that was due to the bifocals. After I left, I stopped at the pharmacy and then drove home. By that time I realized I wasn't seeing quite as well as I should. I chalked it up to a smudge on the lenses.

When I got inside the house, I took my glasses off to clean them and saw 7 scratches on the left frame and 3 on the right. What!!! In disbelief I sprayed them with my lens cleaner and wiped them off carefully with the cloth provided by the optician. Sadly, the scratches remained.

I returned to the optical shop. The optician was gone for the day but another lady was still there at the doctor's office. I told her what had happened and asked her to take a look. She verified that indeed there were scratches. I left the glasses with her with a note for the optician. From the parking lot, I left a voice mail for the optician explaining the situation. I was very upset as you can imagine, but I chose to calmly explain the situation without any editorializing about what I thought of the service I had received. Over the weekend, I wondered what the optician was going to say.

The next Monday I got a call from her. She apologized profusely and explained that she hadn't examined the glasses before she gave them to me other than a quick look to see that the frame was replaced. She told me she would return them to the lab and let them know she didn't appreciate this type of service for her clients. Well, I was relieved to hear that.

Then I waited and waited and waited some more. My old glasses were really old as in I can't even remember when I got them. I was getting by but at first I experienced a slight headache from them and I missed being able to read and do crossword puzzles like I could with the bifocals.

Yesterday (thirteen days later) I called the optician. "Had she heard from the lab about my glasses?", I inquired. Yes, my glasses were in but she hadn't examined them yet. She didn't want to release them "too soon like last time", she said. Uh, huh. Then I sat by the phone all afternoon waiting to hear back from her. No call. No voice message. I wondered if she had looked at them and what the verdict was.

This morning with some trepidation, I phoned her. "Oh yes, Sarah, I needed to call you. Your glasses are fine and you can pick them up anytime." What a relief! If I could have, I would have left immediately. Later today, I will be picking them up and hoping this is the last time I post about eyeglasses for a long time.

This has been a life lesson for me in "speaking up" for myself - something I find rather hard to do.


Liz said...

I hope they are good as they say Sarah. You need your new glasses. It's been going on for some time waiting, hasn't it? :)

Cheryl said...

Wow! What a pain to get a pair of glasses. I'd have to say I wouldn't use that person again. She didn't seem to be very attentive, especially after they all messed up the first pair. Yikes! It's amazing some people stay in business.

Glad you can get back to things you enjoy!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Got my glasses on Friday and they were lovely - new frame and new lenses. Now I just have to readjust back to wearing bifocals. But that shouldn't take as long this go around.

Thanks for your comments, Liz and Cheryl.