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Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Glasses

Here's a look at my new glasses. I found a pretty pair with a little more pizzazz than the black frames I had previously (which, by the way, are still lost). I went all out on this new pair. They are scratch resistant and anti glare for my computer work. They are also the lightest lenses available. I had to pay a lot extra for that but I figured it was worth it. After all my ears are already carrying the weight of my hearing aids. Best of all, these glasses darken when I go outside so I don't need to carry sunglasses with me.

Here's a closeup of the flowers on the side. There are little rhinestones in the center of the flowers and on some of the petals. Very feminine. Very Sarah. The color of these frames is burgundy with a lighter shade as a contrast. Would you say they qualify as "rose colored glasses"?

The biggest change for me is this is my first pair of bifocals. Yes, the eye doctor said the B word. But I was fine with it. I was actually looking forward to it. For awhile now, I've been taking off my glasses when looking at things up close (which may have contributed to my other pair getting lost). I really wanted to get glasses which would allow me to see both close and far. This pair of bifocals has no lines so I had to train myself to see the different distances through them. But it's been a few weeks and I don't even give it a thought now.

Having the proper eyeglasses (rather than the old, old pair I was wearing after I lost my black ones) has even made an improvement in my hearing. As the badge above says, "I hear with my eyes." While I was wearing the backup pair, my hearing definitely took a dive. It's so good to see things in sharp focus again.

I felt self conscious about posting a closeup photo of myself in my new glasses so I asked a friend to model them for me. Doesn't he look smart and professional?


Megan said...

Those are very nice!

melissa said...

Hello, just a quick hello, I've finally subscribed so I can follow your blog and read it from the beginning!! :) I know you're a good friend of Liz's.

Liz said...

Very nice Sarah. I can really imagine you in those trendy glasses. I like them.

Don't loose them.

ms toast burner said...

Very cute green nose you have Sarah. ;-)

Do the frames and your hearing aids interfere with one another?

kym said...

Snazzy glasses! I like them.

And the bear is just to cute. :-)

kim said...

LOVE the glasses, especially the flowers on the side. And the button is cool too!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone.

@Melissa - Welcome to my blog. Feel free to leave any comments you want on my earlier posts. Are you a friend of Liz's?

@Liz - Lose them, perish the thought! I won't let them out of my sight, ha ha.

@Ms. Toast Burner - No they are getting along quite nicely, thank you.

@Kim - The button was a gift from my wonderful friend Liz.