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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oops, did I hear that?

My problem isn't saying the wrong thing. It's hearing the wrong thing and then repeating it back because I think it's funny. I've gotta learn to save these gems for an appreciative audience like those of you reading these words. At least I hope you think they're funny.

So, here's my latest lulu...

Yesterday I was working at the reference desk when a coworker who was going to be working the next shift complained to me about having off desk work she'd rather do instead. What she actually said was "I'd rather pull ERIC microfiche." But what I heard was "I'd rather pull hair off my feet." I gave her quite a look and then asked her to repeat herself. When I said, "Oh, you've got to hear what I thought you said," and then proceeded to tell her, it was her turn to give me the look.

Hey, it's not so bad working at the reference desk. I wouldn't pull my hair out over it anyways. That had me chuckling inside all afternoon.


Jonathan said...

Ha ha ha...

Sometimes it goes the other way.

One time I was having dinner with two friends at their place. We were chatting away as we were enjoying a homemade meal. I cannot recall what we were talking about. Next thing that I heard was that "They found the largest snake ever today."

In a total disbelief of how obscure the topic was and how off topic what I heard was, I ask him to say it again. It was the same. So, I looked to my other friend and saw her having a strange look on her face. Despite the look, I asked him if he actually said that they found the biggest snake today. He said yes.

She and I laughed about this moment, while he was a bit taken aback by our reactions. Then, I explained that I thought I was having one of those moments like you described in today's blog. Then, we all laughed.

jelly said...

lol, that's great. I make those "hearing blunders" all the time.
I usually repeat what I heard for the delight of others.
It is funny.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

That's happened to me too, Jonathan. It's disconcerting when you realize you've lost faith in what your ears tell you. Good thing we haven't lost our sense of humor!
All the best,

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Glad you enjoyed this story, jelly!

MM said...

HAs its drawbacks, I recall a friend knocking on my door one time, he said (Another friend), he's deaf,and was upset... I said that's fine not to worry I am going deaf too, what he actually said was "He is DEAD..."

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Oops, actually we are all going dead but that probably wasn't the time to point that out. Thanks for sharing your experience, MM.
All the best,