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Monday, December 8, 2008

Nick & Starr Win It All

It was a tight race to the finish line but brother and sister team, Nick & Starr Spangler won the $1 million dollar prize. Separated couple Ken and Tina gave them a run for the money and touched my heart when they put their wedding rings back on at the finish line and vowed to give their marriage a second chance. Frat Boys Dan and Andrew fell behind from the start and were not really contenders. There wasn't a glimpse or a word of Toni & Dallas' fate at the finish line so they must have been still in Russia arranging for replacement passports...Sigh, it would have been nice to have a video clip of them congratulating the winners.

To find out what really happened to Toni & Dallas in Moscow and if Dallas & Starr are dating post-race, read the Reality News Online Interview here.

Thanks CBS and racers for an exciting season of the Amazing Race.

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