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Monday, October 28, 2013

Farewell, Dear Rusty

Rusty - final photo
Sad, sad news. My beloved golden retriever, Rusty died earlier this month. He was nearly 9 years old. He was part of our family for eight years. We had many good times with him, several of which were shared on this blog. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Brown Sugar Incident or Sweetest Dog Ever!

The Soggy Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

His first blog story, Pancakes for Puppy.

A short story of mine that included Rusty was published this month in the ALDAReader, a publication distributed at the national ALDA convention. The piece was based on this blog post in which dependable Rusty served as my "icebreaker" at a hearing loss support group event. I never dreamed when I submitted the story that he wouldn't be around when I received my copy. I'm really glad I picked that one to share.

Rusty and Blondie - final photo together
We are all heartbroken and Blondie is a little lost without her buddy. She stayed very close to him during his final days. In the first photo, you can even see her fluffy tail by Rusty's nose.  Everyone asks when are we going to get another dog. We are just not ready to think about it yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm heartbroken, too, for your loss. It is never easy losing a dearly loved four legged family member. I can see that you have many wonderful memories & photos. That will help bring smiles and chuckles in the near future.

I had to say goodbye to my nearly 14 year old yellow lab two years ago and I thought it was quite rude when people asked me when I would get another dog. I told them it was like asking a couple when they would have a new baby to "replace" the kid they had just lost. Geez. Give them (me) some grieving time, will ya?

So, for you - focus on Blondie and yourselves. Take the time you all need to cherish Rusty. You'll be glad you did. My heart goes out to you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Rusty will be missed by all.

It's been nice looking back at the posts he has been in. I always liked when you shared him sometimes in your posts. I feel he is part of the family too.

I can imagine it feeling too soon for you to have another one. Give all your love to Blondie, and should one day you decide it is time, you and your family will know when that is. :-)

R.I.P. Rusty. x

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you for your kind comments. People who have had a beloved pet understand.
Appreciate your support!

Anonymous said...

Losing a pet is like no other loss, and those who have never had that truly unconditional love of a pet just don't get it. Be kind to yourself and grieve in your own way. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what Anonymous said about it being rude when people ask when you are getting another dog, so soon after you have lost your beloved friend.

In all the pets I had, I had never come across it till I lost Lady. For the first 2 months from loosing her I was asked when or are you having another cat. I was even offered a kitten or two which at that point I found it really hurtful, but my reply I just kept it short by saying I am definitely having no kittens, only adult cat when I am ready, snapping my tone of voice as I said it.

As you know Sarah, it has took not quite 4 years before owning another. Again something new for me, because it never has took that long to grieve and allow another animal in my life.

I hope you don't get too many of those questions Sarah at such an early stage when emotions will be all over the place as you grieve for your loss. Pets are certainly family members. The love they give is tremendous.

You certainly have fond memories to look back on with Rusty which I know you will cherish for many years to come.