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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Might Be an Audiologist If ...

I was asked by ReSound if I would be willing to share this post of theirs with my readers. I found it amusing and said yes right away. I hope you will enjoy this lighter moment with me today. You may want to pass it along to your hearing care professional and make their day too.

You Might Be an Audiologist If ...
  • Every time you tell someone your profession, they say “huh?” or “what?”
  • You have a random copy of hearing aid software in the trunk of your car.
  • You have alcohol swabs hidden in every pencil case and otoscope bag you own.
  • Ears are the first thing you look at on a person.
  • You cringe when someone mentions using Q-tips in their ears.
  • When you’re drunk and feel like the world is spinning, you grab someone and ask them to look at your eyes to see if you have nystagmus*.
  • You bust out your sound level meter app….. in church.
  • You have ever used the term “externship”*.
  • People ask you if you’ve seen the light on the other side
  • You’re not grossed out by cerumen*.
  • You have an urge to push an elderly person’s earmolds in properly when you’re standing behind them at the supermarket checkout.
  • In public places, you try guessing what kind of BTE a person is wearing like you’re on a game show.
  • You have a pair of ety plugs* on your keychain.
  • You look at what type of earphones people are using at the gym as they walk by you.

*Not being an audiologist myself, I needed to look up a few of these terms. Here are explanations for
Cerumen means earwax.
Ety plugs are earplugs.

Here are some more responses from ReSound's Facebook community shared with me via email:
  • You find battery stickers all over everything you own, and especially on the bottom of your shoes and in your hair.
  • You give your card to the guy in the car next to you with his speakers blasting and tell him to call you in a few years.
  • You can't help but look at other people's ears in a crowd to see what types of hearing aids you can identify from a distance.
  • You find yourself talking loudly for no reason.

Did you enjoy that? Can anyone come up with some answers for You Might Be Hard of Hearing If...


Anonymous said...

Loved that. Made me chuckle imagining them doing it.

You might be hard of hearing if you sleep soundly in the night, but your partner doesn't because of the car alarm.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

That's a good one, Liz. I heard from Resound that they would be interested in writing a post with our responses to that question!
OK, readers, what else can we come up with?

Here's mine:
You might be hard of hearing is you jingle your keys so much it sounds like Santa Claus is coming.

Ha, ha. That really happened to me. See my post Christmas in July.

Xpressive Handz said...

Actually, I do some of these, myself. :-) I bet a lot of us do.

I have rotary's tough to wear bifocal glasses, but contact lenses are great... once we get the right ones. It's a tedious process, but worth it.

Magic Ear Kids said...

I find battery stickers everywhere and I just have the one daughter with hearing loss. I can't imagine where audiologists must find them!