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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Soggy Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Rusty meets the Easter Bunny
but is distracted by all the other dogs.

The field before the egg hunt has begun.
The rain doesn't dampen the dogs' enthusiasm,
but it's tricky for the owners managing a leash, an
umbrella, and an Easter basket. My friend held onto
Rusty so I could snap this photo of Rusty getting
into position for the start of the egg hunt.
That's one soggy doggy!

I managed to retrieve 5 eggs for Rusty. He was
alot more interested in sniffing other dogs, the wet
grass, and trees than the plastic eggs. Back in the car
we opened the eggs and found dog treats inside.

This event was a fundraiser and was attended
by about 100 diehard dog owners. Naturally,
the rain stopped as soon as the hunt was over.

I want to especially thank my neighbor who came
with me even without her dog and made the day
much more enjoyable with her company.


Glenice said...

Happy Easter Sarah,

Thank you for sharing your outing with pictures. It looks like it was fun in spite of the weather.

Liz said...

Sounded like fun even though it was raining.

jelly said...

An Easter egg hunt for dogs, how cute!