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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Award and an Announcement

I've been awarded the Leibster Blog Award by Liz of Cats and Chocolates. Thanks so much, Liz. This was quite a surprise to me. I had not realized she was a long time reader and I had not been to her blog before. To my delight, we have common interests like reading, animals, and chocolate. She is deaf and interested in sign language, BSL in her case. Please stop by her blog and give it a look soon.

Now I have the responsibility to pass the award on to 5 other blogs worthy of your attention.
[Dramatic drumroll] And the winners are:

Now for the announcement. Since November I've been taking an online web design course. The class has gotten the wheels in my head turning on how I might improve my own website, Speak Up Librarian blog.
I'm thinking about making changes during the break after Christmas and before New Years.

If you have any opinions on what you like to read here and what you DON'T like to see here, drop me a comment. Thanks!


Xpressive Handz said...

Sarah, what a delightful honor! Thank you for thinking of me. I'm excited to be mentioned with such a great group of bloggers. I visit their posts regularly.

Joyce aka Xpressive Handz

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and thank you. I shall nominate 5 blogs next year. One I was going to nominate you beat me to already, and that was Xpressive Handz.

Have a good Christmas, and I lok forward to what ever changes you make to your blog. :)

(e said...

Thank you! I am flattered that you thought of me. :)

I am looking forward to the changes you will make to your blog. Keep up the great work.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I never thought any such awards would be handed out in the blog realm again since the disasterous early deaf read days that were run by the infamous Ridor 9th in which he, himself awarded many "honors". It wasn't until deaf read was besiged with calls and complaints that ridor had to be ousted from his power least deaf read would face the legal threates by other writers.
Let's hope that people will award people properly. But may none go to Ridor 9th at all.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

This award is just for fun. For me it was a nice way to find out someone was reading my blog that had never commented previously (to my knowledge). I was glad to share the "blog love" on with other deaf bloggers.

Many of my readers may be unfamiliar with the deafread website and not understand the history behind your comment. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to clarify what this "award" means.


Anonymous said...

Yes this award is for fun, but nice isn't it. :)

I have my post ready to come out next year.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to what ever changes you feel to have on your blog. :)

(e said...

Just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award as well. Keep up the good work you do!

esther freeman said...

Wow, thanks Sarah - a real lift in my current sleep deprived, wordless state of being a new mum again :o) It means a huge amount to me that you rate my blog and I really hope that next year I will be blogging more regularly again - should be possible as I will be on maternity leave and what else will I have to do??
I also look forward to your changes, although what you have is fantastic and when I get time I love to read the diverse range of what you include - from your life to more awareness raising issues etc. I will blog about your blog love in the next few days :o) Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! xx

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hooray, Esther. I'm glad you saw your award. I love your blog and you are very deserving of the recognition.
I will look forward to reading more of your story in 2012.

Thanks for your comment on my blog content. What I have in mind is some organizational/structural changes, so I'm glad the variety of content is appreciated.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Years.
With love,