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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Elk Hunting Expedition in Elkhart County, Indiana

My Souvenir T-shirt

I recently visited Elkhart County, Indiana to see Elk Art on Parade. All around town, life size fiberglass elks, decorated by local artists, were on display. In November, the elks after being exhibited for five months, will be auctioned for charity. The proceeds will go to Child and Parent Services (CAPS), Elkhart County's non-profit child abuse prevention agency.

According to the Elk Art on Parade website, the elk was chosen because
When a calf (baby elk) is born, it spends the first year of its life with the herd. The entire herd takes responsibility for nurturing and protecting the calf for the first year until it is able to care for itself. This model is what we desire for Elkhart County’s children; a community where everyone takes responsibility for nurturing and protecting its young. CAPS continually strives to engage the community in keeping our young protected and nurtured.

Not to mention that elks are the symbol of the city of Elkhart as shown in the photos below:

Elk above the entrance to the Municipal Building

Elk on the pavement outside the Municipal Building

Elk on the side of a water storage tank

Elk logo at a country club

It was a lot of fun driving around town looking for the elks. I had a map of their locations, but better yet, I had a friend driving who had located them all beforehand.

I thought this one that proclaims "Greetings from Elkhart County" was the perfect starter. In my next two posts, I'll share a few favorite photos of the elks. You can see more photos of what I saw while experiencing Elk Art on Parade at flickr.

"Heart of the Midwest", Goshen, IN

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