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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Telling the Story of My Sign Name

I recently posted about receiving my sign name from a class of students at a deaf school in Costa Rica. At lunch that day, I was asked by Discovering Deaf Worlds to tell my story on video. I did so using as many signs as I could. By the end of this narrative, my words had run ahead of my signing ability and I had made several signing errors. But I hope you can ignore that and enjoy the story anyways. My delight in receiving a sign name shines through despite the mistakes.


Liz said...

Enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jedediah said...

The hat rocks :) And your delight is certainly obvious in the video. I watched it twice, once for your signing and once for the signing of the people in the background. I can't understand any of it, but I love the graceful movements.
I just know five or six words in Germans Sign Language, most of them totally useful like ones like coffin, nose or gay. I should find out if there's such a thing as an online course to learn more.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Jedediah,
One of the ladies on the tour was an interpreter from Germany. I will check with her if there is an online course and get back to you on that.
I too was wondering about the signing of the others in the background. I hope their conversation wasn't private. I'm not able to tell what was discussed either.

~~kym~~ said...

At least you are trying to sign and that is cool...was the video CC it didn't come across that way for me?

Lucy said...

I watched it again after reading comments about the people in the background. The woman on the left was asking the woman on the right about what she did for a living. The woman on the right was saying she worked in engineering for 17 years but now she teaches (I think.. that part was a little unclear to me).

You'll have to let us know if there are online courses for foreign sign languages! Sounds like fun! I used to know the British alphabet but I've forgotten much of it... I should probably look that up. Or maybe Liz can give us an online tutorial! ;-)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Kym,
No, I haven't added CC yet. I plan to and will update this post when a CC version is available.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Lucy and Jedediah,

I checked with my friend and there is no online course for German Sign Language that she was aware of. Thanks for your interest.

There may be sources for British Sign Language, Lucy. That's a good idea to check with Liz.

Jedediah said...

Thank you for checking about the online course. If you find one in another language, let me know :)