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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Visit to Don Juan's Organic Farm, Costa Rica

Don Juan, Organic Farmer

Don Juan used his hands a lot to while speaking to us.

In the back of this photo, you can see the roof
of the pavilion where we were served our
lunch which featured foods from the farm.

They grow from the ground, not trees.

Don Juan showed us cacao. We
each got to taste a seed from this plant.
The taste is much different than the
familiar processed chocolate.

Don Juan joked that American
footballs are grown on this tree!

This plant can be used to wash your hands if
they get dirty while gardening. The over-
sized leaves naturally catch raindrops.

This unusual shaped plant is poisonous.
I don't know why it's grown there.

These flowers are planted at the ends of
rows to keep bugs away from the plants.

At the end of our tour, Don Juan
gave us these sweet treats to sample.

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