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Monday, December 13, 2010

Luke and Margie May Return in Amazing Race 18

[Note: Video is uncaptioned.]

After last night's Amazing Race 17 wrapped up at the finish line, host Phil Keoghan announced a twist for the next season. Dubbed "Unfinished Business", this race will feature teams from previous seasons who came up short. The race's first deaf contestant Luke and his mother Margie appear in the promo video. Apparently not everyone featured in it will actually be racing. We will have to wait for the official CBS announcement to know for sure. The season will air on Sunday nights beginning February 20.

If you don't know who Margie and Luke are and/or if you didn't follow them on Amazing Race 14 back in 2009, you can get up to speed with my intro and recaps on their progress in the race. Below I have included their interview at the finish line of the race. This video is partially captioned.

If anyone knows if Margie and Luke are racing again or not, let me know!

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Bill Graham said...

Wonder if a blog team could win this thing. On the television front, I walked in the living room the other night and my wife and daughter were watching House Hunters International. Unbelievably, at that moment the park down the street from my house was on the screen. The couple featured were from Cary, IL, the relatively sleepy (and boring) exurb where we live. I couldn't believe they'd pick someone from Cary. I guess the attraction was they were moving to Dubai and the husband has some safety consulting job in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. So that was pretty interesting. We aren't moving there anytime soon though.