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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silent Night

O Silent Night, My Prayer Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll be silent on my blog until after the Christmas holidays. I'll return to share some end of year thoughts. In January, I plan to post a book review of One Square Inch of Silence by Gordon Hempton and include a question/answer interview with the author.

Seasons Greetings to all,
Speak Up Librarian


Steve said...

Hi Sarah,

Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.


esther Freeman said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your comment - sounds like a tough time when you were two! I really appreciate your encouragement and support, not only as a new blogger on the block but also in sharing our stories about smiling flower... It is so important to me that we get it as right as we can and input from people with experience of deafness is and will be invaluable. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will look forward to the book review...
Esther x

Liz said...

Have a Merry Christmas Sarah, and look forward to more posts next year.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Steve and Liz.

To Esther,
It was probably tougher on my mom who was pregnant at the time and had to carry 2 yr old me plus my cast up flights of stairs every time she returned home.
I want to take some pressure off of you, Esther. It's impossible to get everything right with our children. However your loving attitude speaks volumes to me. I can tell you want to be the best mom you can be for smiling flower. That attitude is what's going to make the difference in the long run, more than any mistakes you might make. You are facing such a challenging parenting situation that I am glad you are writing a blog. Through opening your heart to the world, I hope you attract all the support you need to continue to face each day with strength and courage. I often think of you and smiling flower. Sending you both hugs across the Atlantic,

petardimov said...

Merry Christmas!