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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Naked" at the Information Desk

The snow that has been hitting other parts of the U.S. arrived here yesterday. We're expecting accumulations up to 13" before this storm front passes by.

This morning I got up early to go outside and shovel my driveway. It was quiet as all of my neighbors were still sleeping. Rusty kept me company as I shoveled for the next 45 minutes. When I was finished he had accumulated about an inch of snow on his fur! I gave him a good brushing with my mittens before taking him indoors with me.

Then it was rush, rush, rush to get me ready for work and my son ready for school. I knew it would take us extra time driving this morning and I needed to get to work by 8:00 a.m. as I was on the opening shift at the information desk. Once we were underway, I was relieved. Until I realized I had forgotten my hearing aids, that is.

Oops. Well, there was no going back today. We simply didn't have time so I would just have to muddle through somehow. And I did. I didn't mention my lack of hearing aids to anyone at work. I did give alot of people a squinty "Huh!" look throughout the day.

There wasn't much activity at the library early this morning due to the weather and the fact that classes haven't started up again so that was a lucky break for me. One time I didn't hear a soft spoken female patron and she had to repeat, rephrase etc. until I deciphered that she needed to borrow a pen. Charades, anyone?

Several of my patron interactions today involved making change which is pretty easy to figure out when you see someone approaching with money in their hand. There were also the usual mechanical malfunctions which people had no problem raising their voice to tell me about, heh. Calmly, I unplugged the balky machine in question and plugged it back in. That is when the problem wasn't the machine operator, heh.

Throughout the day, I noticed that once people speaking to me moved beyond a certain distance from me, I could no longer hear them. I gestured to draw them in closer. When I got home from work, I fell asleep for an hour and a half I was so tired. Now I really appreciate just how much my hearing aids help me.

Have you ever forgotten your hearing aids?


m said...

:D I feel like I tend to leave them sometimes out of annoyance, sometimes just forgetting. I've made many phone calls home to get someone to drive them up. On occasion I'm simply out of luck, and you begin to realize just how dependent you become on them. Lipreading kicks into over-drive and I become hyper alert, annoyed whenever someone shifts in the seat in front of me so the speaker's lips are suddenly blocked. Not. Cool. Between the hearing aids and the microphone I use (EasyLink), things tend to be forgotten enough. I managed to leave my microphone at school once over the weekend, and was left to pace the hallway until the teacher arrived to a panicking me wondering where her microphone was. Turns out, we had been watching a movie and I left it against the speaker. Smart. I know. My hearing aids and I seem to have an OK relationship. They help me understand, I try to understand them when they squeel and beep, refuse to turn on and go static.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

My hearing aids and I seem to have an OK relationship. They help me understand, I try to understand them when the squeel and beep, refuse to turn on and go static. Interesting thought! Thanks for sharing your comment.

Megan said...

Ayy! I can't imagine trying to work without my aids. But then again, I would be useless without mine since I literally can't hear a thing.

Did people easily respond to your gestures to move closer? I have found that any gesture I make is greeted as though I am flailing about like a chimpanzee. :)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Megan,
Yes, they did respond. But they were my coworkers and aware that I don't hear them at times (even with my hearing aids in). I guess I kept it quiet since I didn't want them scolding me for forgetting or saying to me the next time I don't quite hear them, "Do you have your hearing aids in?"

Sam said...

hmm - I don't think that I have ever forgotten my hearing aids - it's come close a couple of times, but then I realise that it's a bit (!) quiet!

Anonymous said...

Oh I've been there once where I've forgot, but also times when I did have to leave em out, because of ear problems, and so had to go to work without them.

It's very hard and tiring. My confidence disaapears too, when I don't have them. Although other people have not noticed this. If I can avoid talking when I don't have them. I will. Except for being with my boyfriend I'm comfortable without them, with him.

Anonymous said...

I have forgotten my hearing aids sometimes so what I do now is I put them but don't switch them on until I am ready, i.e. have arrived at a quiet office! One day I got to the office, opened up, went to the kitchen to make a coffee and went up to my room, unpacked my bag and switched computer on. I was very startled to have a strange man walk into my room a few minutes later. He was a policeman. I had forgotten to turn off the alarm and not having my hearing aids, could hear nothing... that was really embarrassing!

Jonathan said...

Actually, I cannot recall a time when I've forgotten my hearing aids. I've been wearing them since I was 5.

I've had moments when I found myself with a dead battery. So, I would just take the good battery and put it in the hearing aid on my better ear.

And, I've started doing something for the first time in the last few weeks: turning my hearing aids off when I am working out at the gym. Sometimes I find myself distracted by the noises that surround me in the gym.