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Friday, November 7, 2008

Amazing Race 13: Episode Six

At the beginning of this week's episode, my family answered Phil's recurring question, "Who will be eliminated next?" with the unanimous reply "Dan and Andrew". Then my son edited his response, "No, it should be Dan and Andrew will come in last." We were sure it had to finally be a non-elimination leg.

This week the six remaining teams left Cambodia for India, a country that previous seasons' racers have found difficult to navigate easily. All teams travelled on the same flight so Frat Boys Dan and Andrew had an even chance. The racers first task was to find Moonlight Motors and paint vehicles with green paint to indicate they run on natural gas. This was a great Roadblock task as the racers got the chance to do something useful for their hosts.

Amazingly, Andrew finished first. Yes, the team we predicted to do poorly rose to the front of the pack. But not for long. The Frat Boys' failure to find a taxi allowed three other teams to pass them. Terence and Sarah fell into last place as Terence harangued Sarah on her painting technique. He could have taken a cue from Dallas who coached his mom through the task being a help to her rather than a hindrance.

The next challenge facing the teams was a Detour choice of laundering clothes or laundering money. Laundering clothes involved pressing twenty pieces of laundry with an iron heated by charcoals. Hot, hot, hot! Nick and Starr arrived first and cleverly pulled out cotton gloves they had packed for colder climates. They were the perfect protection for their hands. Other teams arriving after them, noticed their gloves and were stunned to find out they were personal items rather than something provided for the task. Divorcees Kelly and Christie made due by wrapping clothes around their iron handles. Mother and son team Toni and Dallas cooperated well on this domestic chore while Dan and Andrew really struggled. As they noted, "There was never any ironing going on in the frat house."

The other Detour choice, laundering money, involved creating a money necklace with a precise combination of Indian rupee notes and finding a groom at a packed wedding party to receive delivery of the finished necklace. Terence and Sarah and Ken and Tina chose this option. Both teams finished before Dan and Andrew completed their ironing. Was our prediction coming to pass?

In the end, Nick and Starr came in first, followed by Kelly and Christy and Toni and Dallas. Unfortunately for Ken and Tina, taxi cab woes landed them in last place. Since this was the expected nonelimination leg, they remain in the race but must complete an extra Speed Bump task somewhere along the next leg of the race. If they come in last again, they will be eliminated. Unpredictably, Dan and Andrew survived to race farther around the world.

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