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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet School Stories

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I read yesterday on Jamie's blog about a kindergarten teacher in New York who reached out to a hard of hearing boy who would be in her class. The little boy who was born deaf now has a cochlear implant but even so still has trouble blocking out background noise . His teacher Joan Cruz wanted to help him have the most successful start in school she could provide him so she contacted the U.S. Tennis Association for used tennis balls and had them attached to all the chair legs and desk legs in her classroom. To me the touching part is that although the teacher is not hearing impaired herself, nevertheless, she understood that quieting her classroom this way would help her new student hear her better. You can see a photo of the boy in his classroom and read the whole story in the New York Daily News.

Here's another story of a teacher who cares. My neighbor Wendy works in a local public school as a teacher's aid in a special education classroom. One of the kids in her class this year has cerebral palsy and uses crutches to walk. Wendy's class was located on the second floor and she told me how the boy would struggle to climb the stairs. Of course my first thought was why isn't an elevator or one of those electronic seats that go up stairs available for him. Apparently for reasons I'm still not clear on, this wasn't available. Fortunately, the teacher Wendy assists is a compassionate soul like Ms. Cruz and she got the classroom moved downstairs. The kids in the class pitched in and helped carry things.

I'm sure we all remember how tough school could be. Imagine having a teacher who understood your needs and made every effort to help you succeed. What a difference compassion can make!


Deb Ann said...

How sweet! It's a lot worth to be shared as well :)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann,
I was hoping these stories might sweeten someone's day - that's why I picked that title. Glad you enjoyed them!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

The students are very fortunate to have the compassionate, considerate teachers. Mishkazena

I agree, Mishkazena. Thanks for dropping by my blog.