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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meet Melody

Meet Melody, our new golden retriever puppy, just 7 weeks old.

Golden retriever puppy, 7 weeks old.
Our little beauty

Golden retriever puppy sitting up looking alert.
She's ready for playtime.

Woman holding golden retriever puppy in her arms while seated in a recliner.
Me and Melody bonding.

Golden retriever puppy sleeping.
Sleepy little girl.

2 year old golden retriever awake next to sleeping golden retriever puppy.
Blondie watching over her new friend while she sleeps.

Melody and Blondie meet for the 1st time.
(with captions)


Anonymous said...

Awww gorgeous. :-) Melody was certainly excited to see Blondie. I hope Blondie continues to enjoy new friend too. Blondie will be busy with a new pup I the house as well as you and the family.

Xpressive Handz said...

Such adorableness!! Congrats on your growing family. Yes, FAMILY, because pets are family, too!