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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Switched at Birth is Back!

Vasquez and Kennish families of Switched at Birth

Tonight I had a chance to watch last night's episode on Hulu. I was glad the storylines took up right where they left off so it was a smooth transition after the show's being off the air for several months. Bay and Emmett are decidedly together and although it's not easy they are committed to each other. In this interview with the creator of Switched at Birth, I read that their relationship will be a major focus of the next twelve episodes. Much as I like Daphne's character, I have to admit that seeing the young couple work through the challenges of a deaf/hearing relationship will be more interesting. As you may have expected, in this episode Wilke pursues his interest in Daphne, but his timing isn't the best because she's upset over Emmett and Bay being together as well as Angelo moving to town. I think he's going to have to be patient if he wants her for his girl.

 I was surprised by Regina's reaction to Angelo when he met her and Bay for dinner. At the end of last season, Angelo expressed a desire for the three of them to be a family. But within minutes of their first dinner, the two were driving each other crazy much to Bay's dismay. I haven't made up my mind about Angelo. I wonder what the writers have in mind for his character this season. Do you think he and Regina will get together or will he drive her to drink?

As always, I enjoyed seeing ASL used and was pleased that the hearing characters are improving their skills and using more signs. I found this article where Marlee Matlin weighs in on why Switched at Birth is breakthrough TV. I hope the popularity of Switched at Birth will bring more deaf characters to TV and raise more awareness of deaf culture and identity. I'm glad the show is back. Thank you, ABC Family.


Banjo said...

Just to let you know, it's the second half of the first season, not the second season. They do this with TV shows sometimes, they would air the first half of a season and then air the other half months later.

Anonymous said...

Are you finding that watching this programme helps with learning signs?

I know when I was hooked with Sue Thomas FBEye series, as you know I was picking up some ASL with ease. I just wish us Brits had a soap or tv show like that too.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the correction, Banjo. I will edit my post to fix that.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Liz,
It's helping me with my receptive skills and seeing the way signs are used in different contexts.
I am going to have to look at that Sue Thomas series one of these days.
I saw something on DeafTV that featured BSL. It was a show called The Fingerspellers. Have you heard of that one?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Very funny. I watch that and more on some other site, this is only way to pick it up in parts.

Susan Calhoun said...

I have been saying it for months that Bay and Emmett's relationship makes for a great story. People want to see a relationship between deaf and hearing people work. By seeing Bay and Emmett work out their struggles people being to believe that it is possible for such relationship to survive. A relationship doesn't survive on communication alone. Bay and Emmett share the same views, same values, and the same passion of life, which I feel is more important to have in a relationship. In Today's relationships, couples have a real lack in sharing the same believes and sharing the same values, which makes a couple have a really hard time making decisions as a whole. I believe that the real struggle in Bay and Emmett relationship is the people around them. They can learn each other’s languages, but they can't stop people from trying to rip them apart.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your comment! I especially liked, "A relationship doesn't survive on communication alone."