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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rusty's Winter Coat

Snowy Dog
Rusty out in the cold last winter.
Remember that face? I couldn't let Rusty get cold like that this winter. Not after learning how to make a doggy coat. So, guess what I did? I made him another coat - this one for everyday wear. You can see him modeling it in the photo below.

I found this camouflage like fleece material in the half price section and used large snaps this time instead of velcro. The snaps were also on sale so the whole project cost about $8. I had enough material leftover to make him a matching scarf to wear around his neck as well as a scarf for the lucky person who has the honor of walking such a fine looking dog. Woof, woof!

Rusty's new winter coat and scarf

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Anonymous said...

Looking smart. :)