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Friday, February 4, 2011

Simply Swamped with Snow

Picnic table in my backyard

Yardstick measuring one of our drifts in inches.

Scenic steps in the snow

The Blizzard of 2011 will be one to remember. I was sent home two hours early from work on Tuesday and the library was closed all day on Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday I was in a bit of a panic. All I wanted to do was get my family home safely.

Later that evening, watching the 9 o'clock news and hearing the stories of people trapped on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago was very upsetting for me. It triggered a bad memory. When I was twelve, my family was stuck overnight in a snowstorm on a highway in late November. We were returning home from a Thanksgiving visit to family out east and got caught in a blizzard that shut down the turnpike. Because of that experience, I take snow advisories very seriously!

When the newscaster reported the number of power outages in the area, I decided the best thing to do was call it a night and hope for the best. Our power must have flickered off at least once during the night because the alarm clock, stove, microwave, and coffee pot all needed to have their time displays reset in the morning.

On Wednesday, I just kicked back and relaxed. Everyone was home and we had power and heat. Outside our window, we saw one neighbor go by on skis and another one drive by in a SUV towing a boy on a sled behind him. My husband used our new snow blower to clear the driveway and sidewalk. I took photos of the snow and created a short movie. My husband later ventured out to the video store which was open naturally, and rented the Twilight trilogy for our entertainment.

By Thursday, I was a bit restless and used the time off from work to clean the house. My husband went back to work. My son wanted to be outdoors but we were experiencing very cold temperatures and I wouldn't allow it. He coped by finding adventure online in a video game.

Today was back to normal with school for my son and work for me. But on the way home tonight, I passed people who were still shoveling out. We are simply swamped with snow right now. How is it where you are?


DeanO said...

Blizzard of 2011 - memories for a life time.

Liz said...

Enjoyed the video Sarah. You had it deeper than we had over here last year.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sarah,
Glad things are beginning to get back to normal there (and here). We had about 22 inches of snow, not measuring in the drifts. The end of our driveway looks like a snow mountain, which makes it hazardous to back out. Unfortunately a snow plow came through and shoved a huge pile of snow back into our drive after it was all shoveled out and we haven't been able to get that out in any sort of smooth manner - which makes backing out "fun". We're all healthy here though and grateful for having light and heat during the storm. Today is Felicia's 16th birthday and she's actually at a mall with her mom doing some birthday clothes shopping, and then some parking lot driving if they can find an area that' not under snow. Loved your pictures and the movies -- good job!! Say hi to Rob and Charlie.