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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Thought My Cell Phone Was Possessed

I have a touch screen cell phone and have accidentally called people without knowing it. Oops. But today was a first. My cell phone actually sent out a text message while sitting on the floor of my car!

The lucky recipient got the cryptic note "gtg". Hmmm could my phone have meant "got to go". It seems plausible enough in the acronym language of texting.

Of course, this message wasn't sent to a good friend or family member who might actually get a laugh out of it. It was sent to a baseball coach my son wants to play for this fall. Someone I've only dialed intentionally once.

But that was enough for him to get pocket dialed the next day and to receive this strange message today. According to Wikipedia, pocket dialing is often triggered by numbers retained in cell phone recently dialed lists. The solution is to make sure your phone is "locked" before you put it in your purse or pocket.

I hope that coach doesn't think I'm crazy. I was starting to worry that my phone was possessed until I found this out on the internet. Has anything like this happened to you?


Liz said...

lol Oh dear. I hope he was ok about it. Thankfully its never happened to me, the only thing I came to close doing, which was years ago, was dialing 999. Our equivalent to your 911 I believe.

I had my phone in a different pocket to what I normally do, and when I checked my phone. 999 was displayed. I only had to hit the dial button. 999 is something you can do while the phone is locked. But its never happened to me again.

DG said...

Haha this made me laugh! I've dialed someone by sitting on my phone in my back pocket before! *cringe! Hopefully the coach will just think Chatterbox
is superkeen!!!! Xxxxx

me said...

Good to Go, good to go

Jeff K said...

I have received calls from friends whom didn't know they had called and could listen to them talk at home. Funny stuff

PinkLAM said...

Oh my! Too funny!

Where have you been? I may not always comment on your posts but I enjoy reading them!