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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wearing a Hard of Hearing Badge

I won this badge from Liz for a contest she sponsored on her forum (no longer an active site). It reads "Hard of hearing. Please speak clearly." So far I've worn it twice at work during my reference desk shifts. It's fairly small and discreet. The only people who commented on it were two of my male coworkers.

Even though, I had my hearing aids reprogrammed, I am still having trouble hearing people at the reference desk. Sigh. I'm hoping that by wearing this badge, I will feel more confident about asking patrons to speak louder. I also hope that I can just point to it if I have a patron who persists in speaking softly or misinterprets my need for a repeat. I hate being thought of as stupid. The ideal badge would read something like "Absolutely brilliant person here who just happens to have bad hearing. Willing to help you but needs to understand what you are saying first." Heh, what do you think?

Until that one becomes available, if you would like to order a badge like the one Liz gave me, I found it online at Hearing Concern Link. There is also an American store online at Zazzle.


Megan said...

Your idea for a badge would be awesome if only people could be guaranteed to read it! :) I hope the button helps. I too hate that people question our mental abilities just because we can't hear.

Liz said...

Glad your finding the badge useful Sarah. :)

A badge I'd love to wear at work, although I doubt I'd get away with it. (So will have to stick with my 'Deaf' badge.) And that's 'I'm deaf not stupid'

But my deaf badge seems to work, especially with patients. As for staff....

MM said...

We've had badges and cards mooted for some time by hearing concern, early on the deaf rejected it outright, and many still do, I wonder, why is it HoH and acquired deaf go for this 'identification' and deaf won't ? I did a lot of badge design a few years ago, but they were 'in your face' things, not pleas ! I had one with "Don't cough you will deafen thousands" on it, and another one which said "I am deaf, and I am ignoring you..." breaks the ice a bit quicker :) I don't use the word 'please' any more.

Jonathan said...

You know, I'd buy that "Absolutely brilliant person here" button!

And, I heard the other day that a hard of hearing person has the international blue and white logo with an ear and white line running through it at the back of his car. I so wanted to see his car for real life, but didn't feel it'd be appropriate for me to start searching for his car in the parking lot. What do you think of this idea?

jelly said...

I actually have a few buttons like these, in yellow.
I put them on my tote bags I carry and show em off when I can.

kim said...

I like the "please speak clearly" line. Instructive to whoever is speaking.

That said, have you ever thought of trying an FM system at work?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Megan. Yeah, being judged as stupid is the worst part of missing what people say.

Thanks again for the badge, Liz! You are simply terrific!

Ha, ha, MM. Those are good ideas for badges. I didn't use the word please in my design concept either, heh.

Hi Jonathan,
I would be uncomfortable labeling my car with a sticker for fear that someone would see it as an opportunity to victimize me. Women have to be careful in parking lots always.

Tabitha said...

Hi Speak Up Librarian

I was just searching for "badges for hard of hearing" and came across your blog. It's nice to read how other people have the same trouble as me - trying to hear what others are saying, and wondering why the treat me as stupid or irritating when I ask them to speak up please. I have come across a badge that seems to be available to those of us who live in the UK, which I think is quite a good, clear one:

I'm new to all this blogging business, so I don't know if you'll be able to get the link directly, but you can copy and paste it otherwise.

I'm going to continue looking, and I'll let you know if I come across anything better.

Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for my partner to have stumbled upon your blog to console me after a bad (hearing impaired)day at the library. You can customize your own buttons at , which I am in the process of doing.