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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "Turn it to the Left" Song and Lyrics

This is a must watch video! I couldn't have said it any better!

"Turn it to the Left"
Rap song written and performed by Ben Jackson

Turn it to the left
Turn, turn it to the left!
Repeated three times

Now what kind of sounds can attack your ears?
Well it's all kinds of noise you've been hearing for years.
We got traffic, airplanes, power tools, and lawn mowers.
Anything ya have to yell to be heard over.
But the number one risk around
Is when the volume goes up when it should go down.
So be aware of the sounds that you're listening to
and when it gets too loud you know what to do!


So tell me what does it sound like when ya can't hear?
I mean how can ya tell when you're losing your ears?
Well do ya have to lean close to hear the words?
Do ya have to read lips, just pretend ya heard?
Do your ears hurt? Do they buzz or ring?
Are ya turning up the volume on everything?
Ya know ten million people in the U.S.A.
are saying yes to those questions everyday!

It ain't no fun, man, it ain't no fun
When you're twenty years old but your ears are eighty-one!
Imagine what it's like to be hearing this trash.
'Cuz the words are all muffled and the beat is whacked.
So if ya love music, turn it down, don't wait.
Because your hearing can't return to its original state.
That's right once the damage is done, it's forever.
Your ears can get worse but they can never get better!


Now tell me what can I do to protect myself
And make sure I'm maintaining good aural health.
Ya got one set of ears to last your whole life.
So listen up close and follow my advice.
Protect your ears when ya hear a loud sound.
When you're listening to music, turn the volume down.
Use good headphones, don't listen too long.
Get your hearing checked and memorize this song!


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Thanks! I was searching for the lyrics to this song and your post came up. :)