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Monday, October 27, 2008

Amazing Race: Episode Five

Seven teams remain as well as the following questions. Will Ken and Tina continue to dominate the race? Will divorcees Kelly and Christie patch up their feud with brother/sister team Nick and Starr? Will last place team Ty and Aja catch up to the other teams?

In this week's episode the racers moved on from New Zealand. Selfishly, I was disappointed by this as I would have liked to see them spend more time there so I could see how the country's changed since I visited there twenty years ago. Oh well. The teams' next destination was Cambodia.

Ken and Tina's Fast Forward advantage quickly evaporated as they were joined on the first flight by Terence and Sarah. All the other teams (except long distance daters Ty and Aja) caught up to them in Singapore for the connecting flight into Cambodia. There was a moment of drama when it looked like Frat Boys Andrew and Dan might not make it onto the second flight but their persistence in speaking to the airline employees paid off and kept them in the race. Not making this second flight crippled Ty and Aja's chances for this leg. Their only hope was that another team would make a major error, have serious transportation trouble, or that this would be a nonelimination leg of the race.

The first task in Cambodia was locating a gas station where they would pump gas a truck using the local method of hand pumping. On this task Andrew and Dan floundered wondering how the other teams were able to perform it so easily. The trick Dan discovered was to "do it like a madman." The four other teams completed the task easily and had fun travelling to Siem Reap Harbor in their fully fueled trucks. En route to the Harbor they jockeyed for position, gleeful when passing another team and determined to forge ahead when passed. It was great to see the teams enjoying the spirit of the race. The fun continued as they raced in boats to a floating restaurant where they would discover their Detour options.

Their choices were Village Life and Village Work. For Village Life teams used their boat to visit three locations: a dentist, a tailor, and a floating basketball court. At the dentist they would receive a set of teeth, at the tailor a doll, and at the basketball court, a basketball after each team member made a successful shot. For Village Work, teams got into the water and retrieved two fishing nets with fish and hauled their catch back to the harbor in their boat. Village Life was chosen by Ken and Tina and Kelly and Christy. There was a funny moment when one of the divorcees thought the set of teeth referred to a patient's tooth being extracted right then. They were so relieved when they saw the toy chompers on a table. tee hee. Village Work was chosen by Nick and Starr, mother/son team Toni and Dallas, and Andrew and Dan.

Next, teams travelled to Angkor Wat for their Roadblock task. One member of each team was required to search this massive temple for a small room known as the Chamber of Echoes. Most teams used smart thinking and got someone familiar with the site to lead them to the room. Tina wandered aimlessly and walked through the room just as captions revealed she was saying, "I must be blind." ha, ha. A stone tablet in the room directed teams to Bayon Temple, the Pit Stop for the race. Nick found the tablet first and cleverly hid it under his shirt until he left the temple.

Nick and Starr found Phil first. Hey remember, I picked them out as a good team from the very first episode. To their benefit, they seemed to have let their rivalry with the divorcees go at least for the moment. Starr's arm which was injured last episode turned out not to have been broken and she seemed unhampered by it during this leg.

Alas, Ty and Aja never did catch up and were eliminated at the mat. They ended on a positive note with a renewed commitment to their relationship. Ty vowed to move to LA to spend more time with Aja. Awww, a happy ending for another AR couple.

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