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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update on Grad School Progress

Speaking in public on November 2.
After more than a full year in grad school, I thought I would share how it's been going. In less than a month's time, I will have completed my 5th class  towards my master's degree in Communication Studies. The classes taken so far are:
  • Introduction to Graduate Communication
  • Research Methods
  • Project Management
  • Principles of Effective Fundraising
  • Group Communication and Leadership
This represents 12 hours so I am one-third of the way towards the 36 required hours.

I have enjoyed learning many new things. With the practice I am getting, I have improved my public speaking skills. I now find it enjoyable to present in front of groups. I like to watch their facial expressions and check their comprehension and involvement with what I am saying. I think my hearing loss helps me tune in to the audience's nonverbal responses. It may not be apparent here, but my academic writing skills are improving as well. I'm really glad I took on this challenge although I must admit it has been difficult and not easy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. A year already. How that has gone quick. I am glad you are finding benefits of taking the course. I am proud of you. :-)

I now I am finding benefits myself taking the English course and recently I started a nail art course. I have three more to go of the nail art.