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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Funny Text Message

My husband sent me this text today:
I hope you didn't like the shoes that were up on the table in the Florida room.

Oops, I had put them up on the table (not a table for eating I want to make clear) to keep them out of my puppy Blondie's reach. Ha! She got into them anyways.

The Crime Scene

The Accused


Anonymous said...

Smile - this brings back memories... my yellow lab / golden retriever mix would be mischievous and get into places he wasn't supposed to... and he'd chew up stuff. Sigh.
One day he pulled up the cable wires in the backyard (our property was 5000 square feet!) - yikes. Good thing this was an old cable wire that we didn't need. Our vet advised us that the more contented our pup was (i.e., more walks!), before we left him at home, the less likely he would be to try to keep himself entertained. We also bought some toys. The walks and the toys helped... He was definitely one spoiled doggy! I hope you enjoy your little baby as much I enjoyed my almost 14 year old dog.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Lots of laugh. Hope he is out out of chewing stage soon. You'll have no shoes left. :)