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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Watched

I watched the royal wedding live on TV. At 4 am clad in my pajamas with a blanket on my lap and coffee in my hand I watched the splendidly dressed royals arrive at Westminster Abbey. It was a wonderful way to start my morning.

Even better my husband joined me for the viewing. It was so exciting to point out to him where my son and I had sat for Sunday services last June. I was delighted by the addition of the trees on either side of the aisle for the ceremony. I loved the camera angles looking down from the great height of the Abbey. The formality and grandeur of the historic occasion stirred me. In America, we have nothing like it. Watching our celebrities strut along the red carpet on Oscar night can't even hold a candle to this.

For me, Kate's dress was perfection. She looked every inch the Princess she now is. Her sister Pippa's bridesmaid dress was stunning too. I was thoroughly charmed by the young children, both girls and boys, who accompanied Pippa down the aisle. And the hats - gasp! I absolutely adored the parade of hats on display among the family and guests.

I remember getting up thirty years ago to watch Diana and Charles' wedding in the early morning hours. Back then it was the epitome of romantic dreams for a young teenage girl. Over the years I watched as their fairy tale marriage fell apart and Charles went on to marry Camilla and Diana died before getting a second shot at matrimony. I thought that perhaps this time I would be too skeptical to get caught up in the spectacle of royal romance. Nah, I soaked up every moment of it and floated on a cloud into work yesterday.

Best wishes for a long and happy marriage, William and Kate.

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steve said...

I watched some of it, my Wife watched the whole lot and she's recorded it too! Pippa Middleton seems to be getting more press than the Royal couple in the UK at the moment.

I thought all of the Middletons handled it pretty well, must have been a mind-blowingly scary experience for them. Can't imagine attending my duaghter's wedding and having 2billion people watching worldwide. Boggles the mind.