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Sunday, September 23, 2012

While I've Been Busy, Blondie's Been Busy Too

 While I've been busy with school, the
morning glory vine grew into the bushes.

Blondie noticed my lack of time spent in the garden
and decided to relocate some fencing and plants
to our side entrance. See the missing piece of fencing
near the bottom right of the photo? Although at a glance,
the fencing may look like wrought iron, it's only
plastic and apparently easy to chew through.

  Speaking of chewing, this is a new shoe
I bought to replace the first pair of sneakers
she chewed. I must have a lot on my mind,
because it didn't occur to me that she might chew
these ones too. LOL - Blondie's teaching me to
put my shoes in the closet when they aren't on my feet.

 Blondie must not like my busy schedule. When I
came home from work on Friday, I found our
family calendar in shreds on the floor. I spent an hour
piecing it together just so I could write down when the
dogs' flea treatments and heartworm pills are due next.

Another day, I came upon Blondie creating a tutu. She
was unraveling a shower sponge and had it arrayed all
around herself as though she were wearing a tulle skirt.

I feel as outwitted and exasperated as Wile E. Coyote.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah...there is a new blog that I am hosting, Deafies in the Kitchen.
Feel free to come over and join us and our face book page.
Your new dog is adorable!

hope you and your family are well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I could not help laughing when I read this post. She is keeping you busy, and hopefully chewing will not last. In meantime keep your shoes and anything else safe, that you don't want Blondie having. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, those moments! (My yellow lab passed away last year, when he was almost 14. I miss him very much.) He did the same thing -- chewing everything in sight. I have learned that it is because he's highly energetic and chewing is one of his ways of getting his energy out. A friend suggested more walks. Turns out he needed 3 hours walks a day!! (1 hr before I went to work, 1 hr after I got home and 1 hr before I went to bed). He then became contented and the chewing nearly went away. In turn, the walks helped me, too, so I have him to thank for that!