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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Hearing Loss is Lonely

I'm posting a video today that is worth a thousand blog posts. If you know someone with hearing loss, I urge you to watch it. It will open your eyes to the isolation that hearing loss can bring.

I found this gem while reading the Xpressive Handz blog today. Many of you with hearing loss have probably already seen this on the internet, but for those who haven't it is well worth watching. Please note that it's 24 minutes long.

Here's a brief description: My Song is a coming of age story which follows Ellen, a young deaf girl stuck in the middle of the deaf and hearing worlds. Feeling as if she doesn't fit in, Ellen learns sign language, attempting to enter the deaf world by taking part in a sign song competition in London. However Ellen is about to find her journey far more difficult than she first thought.


Xpressive Handz said...

I see this affected you as powerfully as it did for me. It is excellently done! I posted it on my FB page as well, and I was delighted how many of my friends actually took time to watch it. Thank you for visiting my blog and passing this along. :-)

Liz said...

Yes this is a very good clip. And when I shown this my Mum, there was silence as she watched it. So she had full attention on that. :)

esther freeman said...

Hi, I watched this on tv a few months ago and it left me with very mixed emotions. On the one hand seeing how isolated smiling flower might be within her own family. And on the other hand, so determined to be fluent in BSL and to encourage everyone else to be too! It is a really good piece of film. Thanks for sharing it. Es x

Melodie said...

Beautiful on so many levels. This video captured such deep emotion I could feel it reaching out from the screen. Very well done and so expressive - thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to find your blog, and to see this link to this video. I had viewed it at a recent retreat based on Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" as it relates to our hearing loss. Some of the women were deaf, some late deafened, some HOH like myself. A few knew ASL. A few read lips. A few used hearing aids (as I do) or a Cochlear Implant. This film and linking to our own journey through the darkness of our heart and discouragement really hit home HARD! Thank you for posting it so that I can share with my husband and adult daughter. While the heroine of this video is a young woman, we can go through this hero's journey at any age. All the anguish, frustration, anger. And the courage to reach out, to find new ways to communicate, to find supportive people, to help those we love understand and be supportive. :)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Anonymous. What a wonderful idea to use this video as part of a workshop on the hero's journey. It can be tough to find supportive people but just one can make a huge difference in our lives!