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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blondie's 1st Birthday

What a difference a year makes!

Picture of Blondie taken the day before her birthday.

Photo courtesy of her breeder.

Blondie has brought so much love and joy into our home this year. We celebrated Blondie's birthday over the weekend by taking her and Rusty on a special outing. She had such a good time I want to make it a regular part of our family routine.

Last night I came home from work and discovered she had chewed one of my winter boots into an open toed design. I admit that for a minute I was exasperated, but then I quickly forgave her. After all, it's easier to replace boots than one of my best friends!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blondie. What a different in year.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blondie. I think she could be forgiven anything, she is beautiful!