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Monday, June 27, 2016

Special Report: Support Employees with Hearing Loss to Perform Their Best

A free resource for employers is now available from 121 Captions on how employers can assist their employees with managing their hearing loss on the job. This 13 page report is free and available for download. A small amount of the content is specific to American and U.K. employers, but generally the concepts apply worldwide.

Topics covered include:
  • How hearing loss affects an organization and how to manage this issue
  • Why employees with hearing loss are a great investment
  • How to make simple and quick adjustments to maintain productivity
  • How to improve team dynamics
The tone of the report is positive and empowering. I plan to send it to my boss and the human resources director to help raise their awareness on these issues. I believe doing so could benefit other employees who have not been as forthcoming with their hearing loss.  

Disclosure - The author is Tina Lannin, a personal friend of mine. Advertising for her company, 121 Captions, is included in the form of an offer for a free audit, valued at $500 (£350). You can learn more about her company at:

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