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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Man in Sunglasses photo

ALDA Chicago recently sponsored a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Oak Park, Illinois. My husband Rob and I went and had a lot of fun. How the hunt worked was we were divided into teams of 3-4 people, given 3 sheets of photos, and directed to a four block area to find each location pictured and take our own digital photo with our team as proof that we found the right spot. The tricky part was that the street we were directed to was filled with unique storefronts. We had to carefully look in each window, observe the building materials, and check out the sidewalk areas in front.

My team wasn't very systematic. When we spotted a location across the street we crossed over to take our photo and then often continued on with that side of the street. We had a bit of backtracking to do before both sides of the street were checked. We also had to keep an eye out for the other teams so we did not give away where an item was located. It was a lovely summer day and there were lots of people out on the street so taking the photos on the crowded sidewalks was often awkward. One passerby recognized what we were doing and shouted out some encouragement.

Trimmed tree

Although this wasn't a race, we were competing with the other teams to see who could find all the correct locations. When we found this tree (pictured above), which had been trimmed since the photo on our list had been taken, we thought for sure we had this competition in the bag. Rob's careful eye noticed the recent trimming and our teammate Marsha S. compared the building and traffic light in the background with the list's photo to be certain this was the right tree. When we returned to our starting point, we were surprised that everyone else had found that tree and thought the same thing as us:  only they could be that clever. Hee, hee.

Since all the teams found all the photos, we were given a tie-breaker puzzle. We had to guess the number of golf tees in a glass jar. It was impossible to count them. The best you could do was make an estimate. My husband and I had seen on TV how to solve this kind of math problem. We took everyone on our team's guesses and figured out the average. It worked and we won gift cards to Starbucks!

 This was a great group activity which I would recommend to other organizations to use. Have you ever participated in a photo scavenger hunt?

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Looked a good, enjoyable, and fun day.