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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good Vibrations: Enjoying How Music Feels

Meet the Beatles tribute band
Last night I was at an open air concert staged in a baseball park's concession area before the game began.  The musical group performing was Meet the Beatles, a tribute band (pictured above). My husband Rob, who is hearing, enjoyed the music tremendously and informed me that the "Paul" and "John" singers really sounded like the originals.

I had the audacity to suggest we play a game of "Name that Tune". Ha! As if I stood any chance against someone who had grown up with this music. Naturally, Rob won that easily. Sometimes he identified the song after only a note or two.

Although you can't tell by the photo, the weather was cloudy with thunderstorms in the forecast. When it started to rain on the drive over in the car, I had removed my hearing aids.  Because of this, I was comfortable standing close by the band as they played. In my hand, I held a half empty water bottle. With its cap off, I could feel the strong vibrations of the music "amplified" by the bottle. This added to my enjoyment. Even if I couldn't be the first to name the songs or catch any of the lyrics other than the ones I could remember, I had fun grooving to the good vibrations the band produced.

Have you ever experienced feeling the music?

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