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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Workshop Development Continues

Since my last blog post, I have moved forward on creating my workshop. My mom and my aunt Louise gave me some great advice about dealing with my disappointment. My sister believed in me and gave me a confidence boost when I most needed it. I also received some wonderfully supportive comments on my last post and on Facebook and that helped tremendously.

I decided to forge ahead and get on with the next assignment: putting together the workshop's structured lessons. Two days later I met with my teacher. I showed her what I had put together thus far and found out I had gotten it wrong - again! She went over what she was looking for and then I felt like I understood where I had gone off track and what I needed to do instead. I was also very surprised to learn that my grade had been one of the four top ones in our class and that no one had received an A. That made me feel a lot better. Because spring break was coming and we would not meet again until the assignment was due, the teacher said to email her with any follow up questions.

The next day I met with my academic adviser to discuss registering for the next semester's class. I happened to mention what had occurred with my last assignment and my adviser told me to drop the class right away. She said it was not worth it for me to put so much time and energy into my work and not see it reflected in my grade. To her surprise, I told her I was going to stick it out. I felt hopeful again that I could see this through and maybe even get a good grade in the end.

That night I sent my teacher a third revision of the wording of my workshop objectives because she had not been satisfied with them when we met. Naturally, I did not say anything about what my adviser had said. Imagine my surprise and satisfaction when I received the following reply: Now we're talking. Yes, excellent. Those objectives are right on the money. You are so good, I wish you were in [a different program that she runs]. Frankly, I was shocked. I had certainly not thought she felt that way about me after the last two grades I received.

The next good thing that happened to me was I contacted Karen Putz and Gael Hannan for permission to quote from their writing in my workshop and they both said yes. I still have more writing to do on my lessons, but I feel like this workshop is coming together and will be complete in time for my class deadline. Then, I will be presenting it live three days later.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me on this project.

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