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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Visit to the Audiologist

I see my audiologist about every 6 months to get my hearing aids cleaned. I also buy supplies at that time, which in my case includes batteries, dome tips, and wax guards. My hearing aid batteries generally need replacing every 7-10 days and the other items are replaced on a monthly basis. Sometimes I ask the audiologist to change my hearing aid settings. For example, bumping up the volume or adding a telecoil program.

At this appointment I asked for the car program I had heard about at the HLAA convention. When I am in a car travelling on a highway, I usually take out my hearing aids because I can't stand the road noise. When I asked my audiologist about a car program, she said that not all hearing aid manufacturers have that as a preset option and in my case it was not available. So instead she set me up with a non-directional background noise suppression program. I am taking a day trip soon that will allow me to test it out, so I will let you know if I like it or not.

I also asked for one notch up in the volume. I was a little unsure about this request, but my audiologist seemed pleased. When I had my volume levels increased a year ago, she thought I might come back to have them turned down, but that wasn't necessary. At this visit, I told her that noises that seemed bothersome to me in the past (such as the sound of hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and electric mixers) no longer sounded as loud. The audiologist surprised me by saying that was good. I had assumed that it was bad because it indicated further hearing loss. Instead, she explained it meant that my brain was actually growing accustomed to these noises. I noticed that after she turned up the volume, my own voice seemed much louder to me. She told me I would get used to that as well and it would not be as noticeable.

While I was there, the audiologist also cleaned my ears. This was my first time at having that done at her office. I was impressed by the amount of wax buildup she removed. Naturally, having this done should also help me hear better.

Before I left, I made a follow up appointment upon her advice. She told me to give the increased volume and car program a trial for a couple weeks and if I needed any adjustments, I could come back for the follow up at no charge. If I did not need any, I could simply cancel the appointment.

I left her office feeling very satisfied. I'll let you know how the car program and extra volume work out for me.


Anonymous said...

What brand of digital aide are you wearing? Did you wore analogy aide before the digital aide? I am in the process of looking for one. Thanks!

Sarah Wegley said...

Hi Anonymous,
I wear bilateral Oticon Agil Pros. I had one pair before this and it was digital. Hope that helps.
All the best,

Sarah Wegley said...

July 2015 Update:
The car program hasn't worked for me. It does not make enough of a difference.

But, I tried having my husband wear my Oticon microphone and using my streamer and that was a big improvement. At first I couldn't stop telling my husband excitedly, "I can hear your voice." Of course, I can hear his voice without the device, but not with such clarity and ease. Whenever I take a car trip with another person, I am going to have to remember to charge my microphone and streamer the day before so I can use them.