Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gardening with Puppy

This is our dogs' favorite flower bed.
We know better than to plant any annuals
here. The little plants you see are a
perennial morning glory which will
grow up onto the trellis.

I wish I had gotten a "before" photo. This flower bed 
looked so pretty with its new marigolds. When I 
went inside for a drink of water, Melody 
trampled and beheaded each one.

This crime really took us by surprise!

The criminal: Melody

Of course, our other dog, Blondie had her share
of crimes as a puppy. For a look back, check out
these posts: BlondieFunny text message, and

1 comment:

Liz Fisher said...

lol Sarah. I already started laughing as I read the post, but goodness I wasn't expecting the garden hose being wrecked. :-D