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Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Sign Story

For my intermediate sign language class, my "midterm" assignment was to bring in a food dish, tell a story about it in sign, and explain how to make it in sign. I chose to bring my St. Patrick's Day trifle and wear a green shirt with a shamrock pin at the collar.

Here's my sign story in English:
I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day because my grandfather is from Ireland. Today I brought a fruit dessert called trifle that I make for St. Patrick's Day. The dessert's colors are the same as the flag of Ireland: green, white, and orange. Lime Jell-O and pistachio nut pudding are green. Angel food cake and whipped cream are white. Mandarin oranges are orange. My dessert has 6 layers. Starting from the bottom of the bowl: 1st angel food cake, oranges, and Jell-O; 2nd pistachio nut pudding; 3rd whipped cream; 4th oranges, 5th more pistachio nut pudding; 6th more whipped cream; and last few oranges on top.

Learning about classifiers is coming up soon in the class. For this presentation, I made the shape of a bowl and then used my left hand cupped upward as the bottom of the bowl with my right hand pressed into it for the first layer. Next my left hand became layer #2, my right hand became layer #3 and so on.

Our presentation was worth 100 points, 50 for the story and 50 for our signing. I was very pleased to received 100 with these comments from the teacher: pulled colors together in story for the Irish flag, good mime show layers. For this class session, we did not have to write down each others' signing for our receptive skills practice. We could just relax and enjoy the stories, creativity, and humor. After everyone had signed their stories we got to eat! There was a wide variety of food dishes to sample. Two food items I tried for the first time and liked were hummus and flan.

Today I bought this cookie at the grocery store. It was too cute to pass by. Hey, I'm Irish! Hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day, Irish or not!


Anonymous said...

I did not know that about your Grandfather being from Ireland. If you did mention it, then I forgot. Sorry.

Well done on your signing.

Loved the story you did and the trifle looks yummy.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Liz,
You don't have anything to be sorry about it. Actually it was a little farther back on my family tree that my relatives came from Ireland, but it was definitely from my grandfather's branch. You'll have to grant me a little creative license there until my signing vocabulary and skills improve.
Thanks for your positive comment. All the best,