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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Book of Stories from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

I am really excited to share with you that a story by me has been published in a new book, A Student’s Guide to the Deaf Experience: Stories from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. I was invited to submit a story by the book's editor, Michelle Jay of Burbank, CA. This book is the newest in a series Michelle has published called Don"t Just "Sign" Communicate through her company StartASL.

I chose to write about receiving my name sign in Costa Rica while on a trip with Discovering Deaf Worlds of Rochester, NY. My intention in sharing the experience was to give a bit of insight into my experience with Deaf culture and to help raise awareness for the nonprofit organization Discovering Deaf Worlds. I received no money for my story and I do not benefit financially from sales of the books so I feel free to shamelessly promote it to you.

When Michelle sent me a copy of the book, I was delighted to see stories included from several people I've gotten to "know" through their presence on the internet including
  • my best friend, Liz of Liz's Deaf Blog. Believe it or not, we didn't know each other was writing for the book until we got our copies in the mail. Too funny. But I must add I thought Liz's story about the highs and lows of coping with hearing loss was really well done. 

  • Joyce of Xpressive Handz whose submission about seeking accessible church services was quite eye-opening for me and I've seen it attracting discussion online. Bravo, Joyce.

  • SeekGeo who makes entertaining and thoughtful videos which include closed captions for those of us not fluent yet in ASL. He inspired me to start a YouTube channel of my own. My first videos there were created as a response to one of his videos. His contribution to the book about deaf stereotypes is a must read.

  • Wendi of Sudden Silence who writes about her experiences with a cochlear implant.

  • Amy, AKA Deaf Girl Amy, who talks about audiograms in an excerpt from her own book, A Survival Guide for New Deafies!

  • The always amazing, Karen Putz, who models for all of us what reaching for a bigger life looks like.

  • Charlie Swinbourne editor of The Limping Chicken, a deaf news site from the UK. 

  • Amy Cohen Efron, blogger/vlogger of Deaf World As Eye See It, a contributer on Deaf Read.
There are also stories from Deanna Bray, actress on "Heroes" and "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye", Matt and Kay Daigle, the comic strip artists for That Deaf Guy, and more.

I feel humbled to be included with these people who have inspired me, encouraged me, and taught me in my own hearing loss journey. If you would like to know more about the book or order a copy, you can find it on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Yes. That's right, neither of us knew the other was writing for this book until it came out. I laughed because it never occured on me. It was lovely to read your story again Sarah and I have been showing the book to friends etc.. of what I wrote but also showing my best friend in there too and others I know.

It was also a surprise of other friends or who I have networked to find they were in there too. Again I di not know until this book came out. Seems to be still talking point about it, and I'm sure it will for months to come.

I shall mention about the book later on my deaf blog when I finish reading it. I shall mention it as a book review with the difference of me writing a story for it too.

My Mum has already placed an order for two books, one for herself and the other as a present for an Aunt. I will purchase one or two later myself as presents.

Xpressive Handz said...

I LOVED reading about your trip to Costa Rica, Sarah, and how your Sign Name came to be.

It is a GREAT collaboration of stories, and I enjoyed reading each and every chapter. Thank you for your kind compliment.

Kindest Regards,

Lissa said...

My book arrived today and I am looking forward to reading it later in bed!