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Monday, January 20, 2014

No Apology Necessary

I went to a restaurant with a new friend for lunch. I had my usual trouble with ordering when the order taker replied with an unexpected question for me. Since I had ordered only half of a salad, she wanted to know if I wanted "the pick two" which allows you 1/2 salad + 1/2 sandwich or bowl of soup or something like that. I misheard her. To me it seemed if she kept asking me if I wanted "the pig too". "Oh no, just my 1/2 salad please", I told her. I happened to glance up at the menu board and figured out what she was asking. Then somehow my lemonade order got mixed up as a soda order. But she rectified that once I reiterated what I wanted.

I'm sharing all this preliminary detail so you will understand what going to a restaurant can be like for me. Once I had my food and was seated at the table across from my friend, I focused in on what she had to say. The background noise of the restaurant required me to use lip reading and attentiveness for our conversation.

When we got up to leave I looked over at the table next to us and my eye was caught by a large yellow Tonka truck on the table. My mind went back to the Tonka days of my son's childhood. But then, I realized the woman seated at this table was talking to me. She said, "That's not my child!" pointing to the little boy seated across from her. Huh? I thought. Is she some kind of kidnapper or what? I was really confused. She started to apologize for all the rude and loud noises he had made during his meal. Aha, now I got what was going on here. She was embarrassed. I told her I am hard of hearing and didn't notice anything. She said she was certain my friend and I were discussing them and judging her. I laughed inside. Ha, ha. As if!

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