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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Theater

Last weekend, I attended a musical theater performance. It was an unusual opportunity for two reasons:
  • My tickets were FREE.
  • The audience was seated on the stage.
I know the mother of the show's star, Nathan Krug, through church. He sings and plays piano for our worship services once a month. His mother and I have talked about how talented he is and she remembered me when she had two extra tickets. Lucky me!

I was really excited when I found out the show would have "cabaret style" seating. There were no assigned seats, it was first come, first pick. My husband and I made sure to be there early enough to grab seats right up front. As you can see from the YouTube video below, we were seated on the stage itself. Where the audience normally sits, there were 3 banners which they used to project different scenes onto to give you the feel of the different locations where the action took place.

We were seated on the right side which worked out lovely because there were musicians on the left. A piano player, drummer, violinist, cellist, and guitar player provided the musical accompaniment. If we had sat on the left side near them, I think it would have been much harder for me to hear the actors. By the way, in case you were going to look, we are not in this YouTube video. It must have been filmed at another performance.

My husband was really pleased to go with me to an event that wasn't deaf related. He's been very good lately about coming to various events with me, so it was only fair that I should give this a shot. But to be extra prepared, I checked the play script out from a library to read in advance. That may have ruined some of the surprise funny bits in the show but helped me a lot with comprehension.

The play Company is about a bachelor who is friends with 5 married couples. The couples wonder why he's not married but in reality they all want him to stay single. As you can see from the musical number, Side by Side, featured in the video, it was a really fun show. We had a good time and were glad we went.

Here's a sample of the lyrics to Side by Side:

What would we do without you?
How would we ever get through?
Should there be a marital squabble,
Available Bob'll
Be there with the glue.
Who could we open up to,
Secrets we keep from guess who?
Who is so safe, and who is so sound?
You never need an analyst with Bobby around!
How would we ever get through?

What would we do without you?

More of the song's lyrics are available here

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you Sarah that being on the opposite side to the musicians was better. I would have done the same to make sure I could hear best I could. :-)