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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Communication is Essential

I found this video through DeafRead and definitely think it's worth sharing. The video is a fully captioned 16 minute speech by Rachel Kolb at TEDx Stanford. Rachel was born profoundly deaf. She has titled her inspiring message "Navigating Deafness On the Way to a Rhodes Scholarship". Her TED talk emphasizes the importance of communication and not putting limits on ourselves.

On a personal note, I needed to hear her words today as someone is shutting a door for me and I'm wondering if a window will be opening somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

I will hopefully keep remembering these words myself, to keep myself feeling positive at times of difficulties, while I hope another door opens when others just close. And I hope others that judge us for the wrong reasons, really pay attention to this video of what we can do too.

Jim said...

Followup article while she was doing her internship.