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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Library Staff Appreciation

Last week was National Library Week and Tuesday was National Library Workers Day. To show her appreciation of the library staff, the Dean of my library distributed a gift (pictured below) to everyone.

The cord on the item allows it to be worn around the neck. The pouch is just the right size to hold a cell phone. The other side features a clear plastic window for our staff ID cards. For privacy, I've colored in the logo that appears underneath the words Library Staff.

In light of recent events on college campuses and other public areas, safety is a concern. In case of an emergency, wearing this item will allow first responders like the police to easily identify us as staff members and not a threat. I hope we will never need it, but I appreciate my boss' thoughtfulness in giving it to us. My aunt says she likes to think of me as "safe in the library". That's what I want too.

Another bonus is it will help library patrons know who to ask when they have a question.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a nice thoughtful gift.