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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update: Tyler's Journey of Hope

Hi everyone,
Tyler has given me permission to share the following with you.
[For anyone who missed it, I wrote about his ambitious plans for this summer here.]

60 days. 4,000 miles. 11 states. It is done. I have honored your support for my participation in the Journey of Hope from Long Beach, CA to Washington, DC. Without your support, this life changing experience would have been impossible.

The most extraordinary aspect of my experience was not related to cycling. Instead, it was meeting people at Friendship Visits like Tim, Valerie, Jeremy, Hayden, and many others. Some of these people were paraplegic cyclists, cheerleaders with prosthetic limbs, and wheelchair basketball athletes. I thought I could inspire people with disabilities from my experience as a deaf person. On the contrary, they inspired me instead in innumerable ways difficult to express in words.

Journey of Hope is also equally a life changing experience for people with disabilities. Each cyclist has fundraised at least $5,500 and, at the completion of the Journey of Hope, altogether fundraised over $800,000 for people with disabilities. Each penny of your donation has been accounted for this grand total. You, along with other sponsors, have helped me to fundraise $5,505 for Push America and thus made my participation possible in Journey of Hope. It is YOU – not me – who have made a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. I sincerely hope I have made you proud of your contribution to Journey of Hope, Push America, and an experience that changed my life.

Thank you so much.
Tyler Swob

I am so very proud of Tyler. To learn more about Push America's Journey of Hope program, please visit their website.

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