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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Ready for School to Begin

Look at this cute notebook I found at Walmart's when I was shopping for school supplies with my son. I couldn't resist a puppy who looked like Blondie, wearing glasses and napping on a pile of books. I figured since I am going back to school myself, I could buy it as a treat.
My class will be starting soon. I've received both my textbooks in the mail. I bought them used online from Amazon at a significant savings.
Next week I'm going to meet with my professor to talk about the discussion portion of the class. I was surprised, when I emailed him, how difficult it was to admit that I have a hearing loss. I decided it was important to be up front about it because I don't want to have my professor lower his expectations of me. If I don't understand something, it may be my hearing to blame rather than my intellect or a lack of interest.
I hope we can figure out a way for me to signal him if I need a repeat of something I missed. I don't want to slow the group discussion down, but if I'm going to be judged on how much I participate, I need to be able to keep up with the others. Naturally, I hope this will just be an occasional need. If it turns out otherwise, I may have to request accommodations. For now, I want to see how I do first. One thing I know is that after each class, I'm going to be as pooped out as that puppy on the notebook from all the listening.


Chloe said...

I've always had this problem at school. I would always tell the teacher in person, privately, and sit at the front of the class. I also just raised my hand to ask the teacher to speak a little louder. It's funny, I was about to post something similar about going back to school and advocating for yourself in the next day or so in my own blog. Great minds think alike?

Anonymous said...

All the best Sarah. Hope your studies go well.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Chloe. I spent time this afternoon reading yours too! You wrote a great post on this topic which I found really helpful.
Here's the link for other readers

Xpressive Handz said...

If your campus has student services, they may have disability services as well. You can ask for a note taker so you don't have to stop reading lips to take notes. Perhaps rather than raising your hand to ask the teacher to speak up, or repeat, choose 2 colored index cards and have the teacher assign a meaning to each one. For example, if you need a repeat, hold up a yellow card, if you need them to speak up, hold up a red card. This way, you have a system set up ahead of time and the teacher can keep moving along the train of thought, and you won't feel so conspicuous raising your hand asking one thing or the other. Just a couple of suggestions. If you come up with more ideas, let me know. I'm looking for solutions, too. :-)