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Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Quite Sign, But Fun to Watch

This post could also be titled "How did I miss these?" Apparently these three videos have been out on the internet for some time, but I only stumbled on them last weekend.  In case you missed them too, I wanted to share them.

This first video is a clip from a Spin City episode in which a temp, who claims to know sign language but actually doesn't, stands in as an interpreter for the Mayor's televised address. He improvises and the outcome is hilarious. It reminded me of this comedy clip I posted previously of Helen Marsh "translating" into seven languages.

Unfortunately this video is unavailable with captions.

This second video features JayFunk finger tutting. There are no words to this video, simply techno music playing, and the amazing choreography of creative fingers and visual effects.

This third video doesn't relate to sign at all, but I'm including it with the others because it reminded me of captioning. The technique used for these song lyrics is called kinetic typography.

Warning: Since listening to it on the weekend, I've had this song stuck in my head. As you may know already, the only way to fix that is to pass it along to somebody else's inner soundtrack. All kidding aside, this is a fun song for summer. Hope you enjoy!



Anonymous said...

I really should watch all of Spin City. I have seen some but not sure how many. It wasn't until I seen Michael J Fox come in and jump on him, that I realised that was one of them I had seen. Was nice to laugh at that one again.

And I certainly agree with you on the last video regarding the song.

Xpressive Handz said...

:-) You tripled the fun today! My particular favorite is "Unleash Your Fingers", but I have to say I cracked up seeing the supposed interpreter sign "smoke and celebrate". LOL !!!
Happy Fourth, Sarah!