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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cooking from Scratch: My Friend's Cookbook

I had the pleasure to attend a book signing for my friend Ann's recently published cookbook called Cooking from Scratch. Ann was encouraged by a close family friend to write down her wonderful recipes and her philosophy on why cooking from scratch is the best method.

When she started compiling the cookbook, she found she had to make her recipes over and over until she had the instructions thoroughly written out. She knew how to make everything by heart and how to add a little of this and a little of that to make her dishes come out right but she needed to spell it out for the rest of us.

Ann's book contains some gluten free recipes which was of interest to many at the book signing. It is also formatted so that it will stand up on the counter rather than lie flat. Another extra is the cooking related stories by various authors sprinkled throughout the book. You can read more about Cooking from Scratch on the book's website. I know I'm looking forward to trying her 60 minute dinner rolls recipe.

The ginger snaps and chocolate chip cookies she brought to the book signing received rave reviews. Congratulations, Ann!

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Best wishes from me to Ann, on her book.