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Friday, November 12, 2010

Buying Eyeglasses Online

After I wrote in September about the ordeal I had getting my new eyeglasses replaced after the frames broke, I was contacted by Marc of He offered me a $50 credit if I would buy a pair of glasses from his online store and blog about my experience. I had several readers comment that I ought to have a spare pair of glasses with my current prescription, so I decided to take him up on his offer. Marc also mentioned that buying glasses from would be significantly cheaper than what I had paid at my optician's office.

Here's how the prices compared with the eye doctor's office costs in blue and the JustEyewear costs in green:

Frames $225/$56

[Note: I did choose different style frames. A frame identical to the one I got at the doctor's office was priced at $29 online. I would have purchased that one but it was unavailable with bifocals for some reason.]

Progressive Lens (bifocals without lines)$245/$49

Antireflective Coating (necessary for computer work to reduce glare)$60/$29

Transitions (turn into sunglasses outdoors) $100/$59

Lenses $100/$19

[Note: I did buy 2 different types of lenses. At the eye doctor's office I purchased super thin lenses. Online, I chose thin lenses. Super thin were available online for $67. Because I would be using this pair mainly for backup and the wire frame was lighter, I decided thin lenses would suit just me fine. I've also noticed that my super thin lenses get dirty easily and require frequent cleaning.]

The eye doctor's office had 2 additional charges: $30 extra charge for high Rx and $30 for edge treatment (roll/polish).

Total costs: $730/$212

My health insurance covered quite a bit of the eye doctor's price, but I was unwilling to purchase a spare pair (not covered by insurance) at those prices.

Now that you know the bottom line, I bet you're probably wondering what it was like to order eyeglasses online. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive as selecting new frames is one of life's Big Decisions for me. Fortunately the website is very user friendly and guided me through each of the decision making steps.

Once I placed my order, my eyeglasses arrived within two weeks. I put them on, they fit, and I can see perfectly with them. I'm very happy with my online eyeglass shopping experience.

This is the pair I chose. A bit more traditional in style,
I liked that the lenses did not have the wire frame on
the bottom. I'm embarassed that I didn't quite get
all of my glasses into this photo. You can view
a better photo of this pair on the JustEyewear site.

Here's a closeup of the filigree on the sides.
I like this light, feminine touch.

Once again, I was too shy to pose for a closeup
so I got one of my assistants to be the model.


Liz said...

There a nice.

Rusty_Coyote said...

Wow big difference in prices!
Yeah I'm apprehensive about ordering online too.

Good job! I'll consider that next time I need another pair of glasses. :)

(e said...

Pretty! I like them.


Dan Schwartz said...

Well, it looks like I'm going to need eyeglasses. I have an appointment with the opthomologist in two weeks; so based on your recommendation I'll give a try.

Thanks for the informative post!