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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Fun: Scarecrows pt. 4


"Girl Scouts on Duty All Year Round"

"Nature's Creatures"

"Nature's Librarian, Autumn,
Growing a Garden of Knowledge"

I like the way the book covers
attached to sticks remind me
of a cemetery with headstones.

Now that I'm taking another look at this,
perhaps those book covers are meant to
represent the little seed packets gardeners
attach to stakes to mark their garden rows.

"Garden Goddess"


And I voted for.....

....the only Librarian scarecrow.

You guessed that, didn't you?

We librarians have to stick together!

Read more about the Scarecrow Trail at Morton Arboretum.
[So far no winner has been announced.]
View all my photos from the Scarecrow Trail
including several entries not posted on my blog.

Hope you had fun with these photo posts
and that you enjoyed a happy and safe Halloween.

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Liz said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. They were lovely.