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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Fun: Scarecrows pt. 3

"Fancy Fall Fright"

This scarecrow reminded me of Stephen King's
Carrie at first glance. But this unfortunate lady is
attired in a bridal gown rather than a prom dress.
The yellow and red stains made me wonder if she
had been involved in some sort of a condiment fight,
but if you look closely you can see she holds a paint
brush in her right hand. What do you think happened?

"What I Like About You"

A sporty scarecrow! I took this photo especially
for my son who loves all sports that involve balls.

"Magic Tree House Visits the First Thanksgiving"

I'm not up on Magic Tree House, but I
can spot a pilgrim when I see one.

"Miss Candy"

A refugee from Candyland?
Or perhaps the girl scouts were anticipating
their Halloween treats when they created her.

"Life Guard"

A Baywatch babe, Illinois style
I liked this one because I found it totally unexpected.

Tomorrow I'll post the final photos and reveal the scarecrow I voted for in the Girl Scout contest.


Kym said...

This first one is great!

Liz said...

I like the first one too.